Partnering with Industry Leaders

AVID has forged partnerships and relationships with a number of reputable companies in order to accelerate growth, positive impact and mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients and the environment. 

Partnership to Reduce Waste

BrainChip and Circle8 Clean Technologies / AVID Group Work to Reduce and Recycle Waste Through Joint Development of Intelligent ‘Smart Bins’

Welcome to Mike Austin
This morning we announced the appointment of Mike Austin as our chairman-elect of the AVID Group companies, consisting of AVID Renewables, AVID Electrical Project Services, AVID Equipment
Supply, effective from 28 November 2022.

Mr Austin is a very experienced Executive Officer and Non-executive Director. He is currently Managing Director of MAHAC Pty Ltd t/a Empire Carbon & Energy, he was formerly a Executive Officer and Managing Director of SPML and, prior to that, he held both executive and senior management positions at Forge Group, Ansaldo STS, UGL and WorleyParsons. He was formerly Chairman of the industry body ARIC Australia.

“On behalf of the whole Group, I am delighted to welcome Mike to our team, and I look forward to his guidance, mentorship, and incisive contribution to our growth and development”

– Aaron Teo
AVID Group Managing Director

Avid designed, assembled and tested a 33kV kiosk for the Karratha Airport. Designed to integrate renewable energy (solar) sources at the site with conventional power supplies, the kiosk comprises integrated transformer, ring main unit (RMU), switchboard and controls for power management at the site. Undertaken for CPS National, Avid worked closely with enclosure manufacturer Aerison for design and assembly of the transportable frame and portals, ensuring compliance with both Australian Standards and the environmental considerations for the location (including certification for Region D wind conditions and ensuring sufficient airflow for the ambient design temperatures).

The kiosk utilised Eaton 415V switchgear assembled at Avid’s workshop, integrated with ComAp inteliPro and Woodward MRU4 protection relays. The 33kV RMU and assorted metering cubicle were a Tyree supplied Efacec FLUOFIX 36. All the electronic devices were fitted with RS232 communications modules for integration with the Solar control system.

The installation integrated the earth grid, 1MW solar photovoltaic installation (using cloud predictive technology), Horizon Power’s grid and the Airport distribution system to ensure a reliable and sustainable power supply for the critical infrastructure at Western Australia’s second-busiest airport.

Tronox Western Australia Plant

Tronox case study

BMT Mercury Australia Plant

Perth firm Avid Group says it will partner with a global leader in hydrogen technologies to bring leading-edge hydrogen fuel cell modules to the Australian market.

Avid will offer 1.4kW hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative power supply to traditional diesel backup generator sets in a partnership with UK firm Intelligent Energy.

Avid hopes to provide an alternative to diesel generators out of Perth by offering a hydrogen fuel cell module that can generate back-up electricity without the associated emissions and noise of the diesel-fuelled options.

AVID Group is proud to launch our 2019 apprenticeship program whereby you will be contracted to an electrical contractor such as AVID Group to learn and become qualified in the electrical trade. It combines practical experience in the workplace with structured off the job-training at a contracted training provider such as the College of Electrical Training or TAFE you decide to join.

Our apprenticeships program at AVID Group offers you the ability to earn money while you learn a qualification and build practical skills. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Must be able to undertake manual tasks and focusing on safety.
  • Self-starter / Positive attitude.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Liaise with customers, clients and business management.
  • Be able to pass ongoing drug and alcohol screening.
  • Good mathematics skills and proactively keen to learn.
AVID Employee

Companies urged to conduct electricity safety tests

AVID Group is excited to be published on https://safetowork.com.au/companies-urged-to-conduct-electricity-safety-tests

There is a perception among some companies that electrical system tests are unnecessary, disruptive and costly, according to electrical contractor and Avid Group’s business development manager Aaron Teo.

Safe Work Australia reported that an average of 11 Australian workers were killed in Australia between 2003 and 2015 through contact with electricity, and that the risk of injury and death increased when working with electrical equipment outdoors, in damp environments or cramped conditions.

But this month’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April) is a timely reminder for mining companies to get their electrical systems checked, Teo said.

“No one talks about electricity, until there’s a major disruption or incident in their workplace,” he added.

Five electrical tests are recommended for heavy industry. The first one is to conduct a yearly audit to obtain a detailed assessment of the entire power network, update electrical drawings and get recommendations for new equipment or modifications to existing equipment.

Routine maintenance of equipment should also be regularly checked and maintained to ensure they are in serviceable condition and any possibility of an unplanned failure is mitigated.

The third electrical test is an assessment of the configuration of the existing electrical distribution system as well as testing points of failures.

Companies should also conduct a load flow assessment to demonstrate where electrical assets may be over- or under-utilised, identify which electrical assets are critical and which require upgrading to support connected loads.

The last test involves an equipment lifecycle assessment which tests the current condition of the existing electrical distribution system, age, availability of spares and compliance with the applicable standards.

These tests can be done at night, with minimal or no disruption to normal business operations, according to Teo.

“Too many companies take their electrical systems for granted – they’re putting workers’ lives at risk and exposing themselves to big fines and costly repair bills,” he said.

“Regular testing and maintenance of systems and equipment significantly reduces these risks.”

We have just completed our electrical technical sundowner.

Please find one of our events as per below link:


AVID is excited to build Logstrup 415V type test switchboard assembly in less than 8 weeks for an important customer in the western Australia Pilbarra region.

AVID is excited to announce that we been awarded to assemble, test, commission 30 panels of Eaton UX withdrawable 3.3kV switchgear into switch-room in the Kwinana region.
AVID is excited to announced that we been awarded to design and construct a 11kV to 415V kiosk with transformer for an important customer in the WA region.
AVID is excited to have completed safely in providing electrical testing services on our client low voltage switchboard out in the bush near Murrin Murrin
AVID thermography services for your electrical asset maintenance and up-time.
AVID Group is growing. We are looking for a 5 – 8 years experienced project engineer in electrical engineering, focus will be in HV switchgear, switchboard manufacturing process, client interaction, schematics, detail engineering, etc. Details of the job will be coming out soon.
Please send us your inquiries to aaron.teo@avidgroup.com.au for your next LV switchboard project, we can help from fixed, plugin, demount-able, with-drawable etc…
Please register to attend our seminar this Friday, 1pm; 15June 2018 see link below
Fair winds and following seas to Dave Kenny and the crew of ‘The Edge’ Sunfast 3200 leaving Fremantle to sail to Melbourne ahead of the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka double-handed yacht race. You can follow updates at the race’s Facebook page