AC UPS installation (Electrical Systems Works)

Scope of works including material supply, construction and installation of the Electrical Systems Works, including all material, equipment and workmanship. Specifically, the Works shall include:

  1. Power System installation as specified and further shown on the Design Drawings, including:
    1. Provision of five (5) new electrical switchboards and equipment enclosures to replace the
      existing redundant electrical switchboards and equipment enclosures, including all control and
      power supply material and equipment, consisting of:

      • Busbar chassis and escutcheon panels;
      • Control and protection devices;
      • Cabling, wiring and cable ducts;
      • erminals, earthing, lightning and surge protection devices; and
      • Labelling and miscellaneous>

        The new electrical switchboards and equipment enclosures include the:

      • UPS Supply Switchboard;
      • UPS 1 Main Distribution Board;
      • UPS 2 Main Distribution Board;
      • UPS South Distribution Centre; and
      • Communications UPS 2 Distribution Board (UDB2)
    2. Existing electrical switchboards and equipment enclosures to be modified include the:
      • LV Main Switchboard LSB503;
      • Signalling Primary Distribution Board – UPS Bus; and
      • Communications UPS 1 Distribution Board (UDB1).

      The Contractor shall provide updated type written legend cards and As Constructed drawings
      in all of the existing electrical switchboards and equipment enclosures in which material,
      equipment and cabling has been added or removed.

    3. Provision of two (2) new enclosed, single phase, 240/240V 63kVA Isolation Transformers
      including all submains cabling, fittings and terminations.
    4. Relocation of existing Electrical Systems equipment within the Equipment Rooms, where
      necessary, to accommodate the new electrical switchboards and equipment.
    5. Provision of new and alterations to the existing sub-mains cabling, accessories, fittings and
      connections, consisting of:

      • Disconnection and removal of redundant sub-mains cables, accessories and fittings;
      • Provision of new or redirection of existing sub-mains cables, accessories and fittings; and
      • Connection and looming in all new, redirected and existing sub-mains cables.
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