Health Campus ATS

Avid designed and manufactured a fully automated Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Controlled by a Woodward DTSC200, this ATS serves the critical supplies to the Carnarvon Health Campus, where continuous supply of power is critical.

As such, the ATS has been designed to operate without external control. On detection of a loss of utility (mains) supply the ATS calls the backup generator to run and, once generator voltage is stable, load is then taken up by the standby generator to maintain critical services at the facility. Once the utility supply is reinstated, the ATS will transition back from generator supply to the utility supply.

The ATS supplied for this application has a unique feature of a manual bypass system, which, in the unlikely event of a control system failure, ensures that the ATS can still be operated manually. However, a built-in UPS backs up the ATS control system, enabling it to operate completely stand-alone.

The ATS was designed to be able to allow close transition or open transition options, and is a technically compliant package manufactured locally using readily available industry standard equipment to ensure a short lead time and ease of maintenance and repair. Further, as the equipment is built to order the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) can be customised to suit the technical knowledge of the operators and maintainers at the site.

Main Technical Data

  • 1250A
  • 50kA / 1 sec
  • Form 3B
  • IP 43g
  • 415V 50Hz


  • Woodward DTSC200 controller
  • Manual Bypass Switch
  • Modular (Cubic) construction
  • Type tested equipment and configuration
  • Cost-effective, customisable an
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