HV Switching & Protection Relay TESTING

Thermography services
The Avid team can help with your electrical testing and commissioning work. We have the Perth team of resources and personnel to carry out the following either on-site or in-house:
  • High Voltage (HV) & Low Voltage (LV) Switchboards
  • Secondary Injection of Protection Relays
  • CPC 100 testing https://www.omicronenergy.com/en/products/cpc-100/
  • Switchboard testing & commissioning, incl. GIS
  • Primary Injection of Current Transformers
  • Current Transformer (CT) & Voltage Transformer (VT) testing
  • Insulation Resistance Tests
    Generator Governor Response Tests
  • Partial Discharge, Corona Detection & Fault Finding
  • Circuit Breakers testing and service for both low voltage and high voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Step & Touch potential testing
  • Contact Resistance
  • Testing of High Voltage Equipment
  • Transformer Winding Resistance Testing
  • Transformer maintenance & repairs
  • Transformer testing, oil sampling & oil filtering
  • Cable Fault Locating, cable testing, incl. VLF
  • High voltage cable jointing (up to 66kV)
  • RMU rental