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3.3 kV – 33kV type kiosk substation for mining and utilities applications

Avid designed, assembled and tested a 33kV kiosk for the Karratha Airport. Designed to integrate renewable energy (solar) sources at the site with conventional power supplies, the kiosk comprises integrated transformer, ring main unit (RMU), switchboard and controls for power management at the site. Undertaken for CPS National, Avid worked closely with enclosure manufacturer Aerison for design and assembly of the transportable frame and portals, ensuring compliance with both Australian Standards and the environmental considerations for the location (including certification for Region D wind conditions and ensuring sufficient airflow for the ambient design temperatures).

The kiosk utilised Eaton 415V switchgear assembled at Avid’s workshop, integrated with ComAp inteliPro and Woodward MRU4 protection relays. The 33kV RMU and assorted metering cubicle were a Tyree supplied Efacec FLUOFIX 36.

Other equipment, including a SEL 735 power meter, was connected to the 33kV metering unit. All the electronic devices were fitted with RS232 communications modules for integration with the Solar control system.

The kiosk design utilises removable panels to provide access to all critical components while ensuring the wind loading and weather protection requirements are met. Additionally, the design had to consider ease of installation and maintenance on site as well as being transportable from Perth to Karratha.

The installation integrated the earth grid, 1MW solar photovoltaic installation (using cloud predictive technology), Horizon Power’s grid and the Airport distribution system to ensure a reliable and sustainable power supply for the critical infrastructure at Western Australia’s second-busiest airport.

This project highlighted the breadth of Avid’s skills and experience, with the panel assembly, electrical fitout, HV integration, project management, documentation, electrical installation and testing all undertaken by Avid’s team.

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We can help you with your next electrical kiosk project. We can incorporate different RMU types and also type test low voltage switchboard types using Schneider, ABB, Siemens, Eaton and Terasaki type breakers and components.

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