Load Bank Hire and Load Bank Testing

Load Banks

Avid Group has portable load banks for testing power supplies such as Generators and battery backups and your sites UPS and can design a test procedure to establish your power supplies capabilities under load. Contact Us to enquire about a personalised solution from our engineers and technicians for your project.

Load Bank Hire

Avid Group also have available load banks for hire around Perth or we can freight them direct to your site on daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Our load banks come in 2 sizes; 1200kW and 600kW. All our electrical enclosures are rated to IP54 and can handle extreme weather conditions.

To make movement and freighting of our load banks easier for our customers outside of the metro area all load banks are fitted to a galvanised forklift pocket base and fitted with a four-point lifting frame.

All load banks are tested to ISO 9001:2008 during the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality load banks are produced.

Load Bank Testing Service

Avid Group offers Load bank testing as a service for you to schedule during periodic maintenance or an ad hoc instance. Completing testing during scheduled maintenance gives you peace of mind in knowing your systems have continuous full redundancy and functionality which ensures maximum uptime of your electrical network system.

Avid Group utilise their AC load bank to test the entire UPS system whilst the DC load bank is used to test batteries under load on-site.

During an Avid Group load bank test we test the power system and its associated component parts under simulated live load conditions and failover conditions to confirm continuation of power in the case of a mains outage. This way you know that your system has zero downtime due to electrical issues.

It is very important that your UPS, generators and components function and perform together as intended at all times. AVID engineers and technicians can assist in providing routine and regular load testing to de-risk your power supply and maximise your productivity.