AVID has an in-house metal fabrication team who are dedicated to designing and manufacturing world-class solutions for your metal fabrication projects. Our metal fabrication experience and expertise is broad, but also specialised in many areas.  We look after our customers metal fabrication needs from: switch rooms, shipping container modifications and toolboxes, to architectural metalwork and sheetmetal mobile welding.

Utilising Library of Australian Standards
• Members/Design Checks to Australian Standards (AS4100)
• Welding Procedures (AS1554/AS1665)
• Structural Design Actions (AS1170.1)
• Wind Actions(AS1170.2)
• Seismic Loads (AS1170.4)


Metal Fabrication Perth WA

Stainless Steel Fabrication and Welding

Sheet metal Fabrication and Welding

Sheet Metal Work

Aluminium Fabrication and Welding

Steel fabrication and Welding

Custom Aluminium Louvres

Metal Plate Pressing

Custom Aluminium and Stainless Steel Toolboxes and Boxes

Fabricate conveyor for seafood processing plants

Shipping Container Modifications and Conversions

Design, Drafting, CAD Drawings & Engineering

Fabrication of Switch-Rooms and Kiosks

Stainless steel panels

Machinery guards

Stainless steel columns

Aluminium fuel tanks for boats & machinery

Three way tipper trunks - agricultural

Structural Steel Fabrication and Construction

Balustrading Balustrades (Stainless Steel & Wrought Iron)

Architectural Metalwork

Steel Repair Work

Sandblasting, Galvanising & Powder Coating

Modular Homes, Tiny Homes, Container Homes and Granny Flats

Mild Steel and Coreten Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Perth WA

Profiling: James McNaught
Fabrication Lead, Avid Group

James has travelled the world as part of crucial teams, fabricating and installing stainless steel silos, tanks and pharmaceutical pressure vessels. As an experienced and qualified Level 4 fabricator welder, he combines his vast metal fabrication and construction experience to head up the metal fabrication team at Avid Group. Whether you need custom fuel tanks for your mining machinery, a desalinator or a steel framed tiny home, James and the team at Avid Group will be able to guide you through the process and deliver an excellent solution.