Industrial Site at Kwinana (Switch-Room & 6.6kV Switchgear Installation)

A few of the major challenges of working on a brownfield site are:

  1. Constructing and assembling the 6.6kV of 25 panels MCC Eaton UX switchboard, lighting, DB, DC batteries, comms panel, marshalling panel and remote switching panel.
  2. The site had constraints for switch room location. It was a unique platform being built on top of an old, brick building, which had to be made structurally sound.

A high level of civil work including a geo-tech survey, concreting and grouting and ensuring bottom level was able to hold the additional load.

However, the project included interfacing with a large number of legacy control and motor control systems. We needed to carry out re-termination of the existing HV cabling and re-connected the new protection relays back into site’s SCADA system.

switch-room in position

lifting off – 2

switch-room positioning 3

AVID Eaton HV switchgear

HV cables

switchgear lineup

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