Tronox Tails booster skids x4


Scope of works:

a) Design and supply of four (4) skid-mounted containerised (20ft), including MCCs and all internal ancillary services including lighting, small power and communications, fire detection and air conditioning;
b) Design and supply of seven (7) double-skinned bore pump starter panels;
c) Receive to the Contractor’s workshop steel skids, PLCs, VSDs and transformers;
d) Supply and install of 22 kV Ausproof decontactor receptacles on to the nominated skids;
e) Procurement, supply and installation of a client’s specified air compressor on to the nominated skid;
f) Installation of free-issued items (PLCs, VSDs) into the switchrooms and/or pump panels as appropriate;

g) Assembly and mounting of the aforementioned switchrooms and Company-supplied transformers onto the Company-supplied steel support skids, including procurement and installation of HV cabling to the transformers and LV cabling from the transformers to the switchroom MCCs;
h) Assembly and mounting of the pump panels onto Company-supplied support skids;
i) Provision of all fixings, nuts, bolts, washers and the like necessary for the complete assembly;
j) Factory acceptance testing of the completed assemblies;
k) Packing for transport, supply and delivery to Site of the completed skid assemblies;
l) Performance and completion of the above Scope in accordance with all applicable Specifications, Standards, Codes, Acts, Regulations and the like; and
m) Interface management with client’s personnel and other contractors to procure all required information related to the structural skids and  supplied equipment including, but not limited to, design drawings, shop fabrication detail drawings and vendor data.

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