Monford Cunderdin switchrooms

  • Supply and install prefabricated, modular, transportable substation building, including all the building ancillary systems.
  • Install free issue GIS 33 kV Switchgear, including measurement, protection, and control systems.


  • The Substation Automation System (SAS) for the 33kV Switchgear including at least:
  • Local HMI
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  • Control network
  • Interfaces to third-party systems
  • All the necessary connections (cabling and raceways) with the equipment located in the Collector Substation and in the Switching Substation (includes power connection with the step-up transformer, LV supply, when necessary, protection and control interfaces, communication interfaces, etc.)
  • Installation, wiring, and interconnection of the cabinets in the 33kV switch room supplied by others: PPC, market systems cabinet, metering, communication cabinet, etc.
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